Common Problems Encountered When Using Internet Filters

Despite the very aggressive ad about the importance of using internet filter in every home, parents can’t be too complacent when using it. Just like any types of new technology nowadays, this tool is also subject to imperfections and flaws. Though all Parental control software manufacturers may claim for their products’ highly rated accuracy, you can never really expect any internet filtering software to be 100% effective. One example is its filtering errors. There is a tendency for an internet filter to “overblock” or “underblock” internet information. For instance, while searching for health-related articles, a medical site may be blocked by the software because of some obscene words that are actually mentioned to discuss the illness in detail. Hence, this may limit anybody’s ability to do in depth research about certain medical topics.
On the other hand, the internet filter may also erroneously filter new sites containing malicious contents. Unless the company is quick in updating their software, there are still chances that your children may come across some sites that are immorally suggestive or addicting causing negative influence to your child’s behaviour.


Many of this product’s sceptics argue that such product can be used as a tool to block certain information so that the public can only access biased information. These people fear that internet filtering software will be used for selfish political reason or as a means of selling out a certain product. Hence, private companies may take advantage of this software and censor sites according to their desire to increase their sales. Internet filter sceptics believe that this software may do harm than good to the public.


The choice to use internet filters or not is a matter of personal preference. And though many contest that this is not helping as much, we know for a fact that many parents are now enjoying the benefits that it has to offer.

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