Internet Filter: What Can Possibly Happen If You Don’t Use It

You have been told many times about the need to use internet filter. However, you may have just shrugged your shoulders about the idea believing that it is not needed knowing that your children are responsible enough when surfing the net. But were you with them the whole time while they are facing the monitor? With your busy schedule, I doubt if you still have the time to do such task.

Unfortunately, some parents only realized the need to use a Parental control software after witnessing the effect of not using it. Studies showed that a child’s exposure to a sexually explicit material before one reaches the age of 18 has the tendency to develop a sexually promiscuous behaviour leading to teenage pregnancy. Others eventually harbour STD because of it.


However, more than just limiting your children’s internet access, it is best to explain to them the reason for doing so. Unless they will understand the rationale behind it, they will find ways to get similar information outside your home. You need to sit down and talk with them heart to heart. Explain to them that addictive and destructive online sites will only keep them in bondage until they will find it hard to set themselves free from such addiction. But before that will happen, commit them to help you in battling against these unfavourable internet sites.


It may also help to explain human sexuality to them according to their level of understanding. If they won’t get this information from you, they may attempt to find it online which may potentially misguide them.
Remember, there is no better way of fighting against the ill effects of technology than using the modern breakthroughs of technology as well. If you want your kids to stay away from destructive internet sites, use an internet filter. This tool, coupled with your caring parental advice will surely help your child.

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