Understanding What an Internet Filter is All About

The term “internet filter” is synonymous to “internet censorship”, Content-control software” or “Parental control software”. If you come across any of these words, you need to know that they literally mean the same thing. Sometimes, this tool is also called as “secure web gateways” or “web filtering software”.
So, what is really meant by the term “internet filtering”? This is a tool that sorts out the site that will be allowed for the reader to see. This software allows you to block certain sites that you don’t want your households to visit. This may include sites with malicious contents that may cultivate the development of undesirable behaviour among your children. Hence, if your kid adopts a violent behaviour, becomes disrespectful and show other unfavourable attitude, this can be one of the effects of his or her exposure to the internet. Hence, before this even happens, parents use an internet filter to prevent their children from visiting sites that can affect their kids’ mental and psychological health.
An internet filer is not just limited to those software that parents use at home to protect their children. This can also be employed on a nationwide level when the government imposes certain content censorship. Such software can also be used in other places like offices, schools and business. This can be a good tool to stop other people from visiting confidential sites meant for business or administrative use. Though the use of this software is optional in majority of places, there are some areas that strictly adhere to their government’s law on censorship. One example for this is Cuba. Whenever somebody in this country search for a topic that is prohibited by their government, one’s browser will automatically shut down and the same person will be issued a state warning.

Internet filters can be used for many various reasons. But its purpose is somehow similar regardless on whoever the user may be. This software functions by blocking certain sites so the targeted internet user cannot access it.

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