Internet Filter: Various Ways of Using It

The use of internet filter is very rampant these days. But whenever we hear this term, we often think of a Parental control software that many moms used for their children’s protection. However, you need to know that an internet filter can be in various forms and this is not only limited to those common downloadable software that we use in our homes.

An internet software can be as simple as a downloadable program that is commonly used on a personal computer. However, this can also be employed through proxy servers that are sources of many internet connections. This works by network of infrastructures. The internet filtering function can be browser based as well. Usually, this works through a browser extension coming from a third party. Such content control software can also be an email filter. This may screen not just the main body of the mail but even the subject, sender as well as the attachment that comes along with the message. Businesses and offices use client-side filters. However, this needs to be installed to the specific computer where it will be used. This type of filter is controlled through administrative level.


On the other hand, a content limited ISP is the type of filtering software used by the government, by a certain regulatory body or a way of censorship to internet subscribers. Filtering can also be network based or employed through various search engines. Network based filtering is often used to prevent loss of important data by screening incoming and outgoing information. This is often used by high school libraries and institutions similar to this. There are also filters used by search engines. Some of them are even limited to wholesome sites that are most favourable for underage internet users. Hence, if you are a parent of a child who spends most of his time surfing the internet then may as well limit the search engine that your child is using to those that only link to sites that provide wholesome information.

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